Javier Betancourt

Javier is a seasoned yoga teacher specializing in Ashtanga. With a lifelong dedication to yoga, he earned his RYT 200 at Journeys in Yoga, Tallahassee.

Javier’s primary focus is Ashtanga, having completed over 10 years of teaching, accumulating 10,000 hours of expertise, particularly in Mysore – style sessions. As the President of the Tallahassee Yoga and Meditation Center (TYMC), Javier is a dedicated force in the local yoga community.

Javier’s morning Ashtanga classes offer a transformative experience. His emphasis on Mysore style practice allows students to explore the series at their own pace. Leading with passion, Javier integrates yoga philosophy into every part of his life and in every session, cultivating a deeper mind-body connection.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to yoga, join Javier on the mat to discover the holistic benefits of Ashtanga in the serenity of his morning classes.